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Published on October 8th, 2012 | by Liam Alexander


Boys Noize – ‘Out of the Black’ Album

Alexander Ridha, the man responsible for the dance enigma that is ‘Boys Noize’, will bring us his brand new album ‘Out of the Black’ in just under a week. Having established himself as one of the world’s premier dance music DJs, and winning a three-peat as Best Electronic Artist for Beatport, Ridha has been hard to miss since the release of his first EP ‘The Bomb/Boy Neu’ in 2004. The establishment of his label ‘Boysnoize Records’ in 2005 has only further cemented his place in the industry, pleasuring the ears of avid fans by featuring artists including the inscrutable Jan Driver, Djedjotronic and Das Glow, among others. Not only has Ridha been instrumental in bringing us some of the finer works of these artists, but has produced albums for Chilly Gonzales and Feist. With this in mind, it has been hard to expect anything but the best from this great of the industry.

Oi Oi Oi’ – the 2007 Boys Noize release that has become recognised as one of the greatest dance albums of all time – has been put on a pedestal that other artists have struggled to replicate. Rather, Ridha has embraced his success, allowing it to cultivate and inspire his other work. ‘Power’ (2009), was the first album to demonstrate this, and ‘Out of the Black’ is no different. If you have been keenly awaiting this release, like so many of us have, October 12th cannot come soon enough.

Boys Noize – ‘Out of the Black’ Album (Previews)

What You Want’, the first track off the album toys with the hearts of listeners, embracing our eager anticipation of the piece. Demonstrated by the seemingly tongue-in-cheek title, Ridha has acknowledged and thrived on the notion that he has us wrapped around his little finger. The vocal mix is combined to perfection with sporadic synth. The follow up, ‘XTC’ is, however, what makes this album. It’s no surprise that it comes as one of the two early single releases, and goes to the core of what has made Boys Noize so successful. The impeccable arrangement – which incorporates a phenomenal build up and a classic Boys Noize drop – shows through, and leads to the kind of club track that will have you dancing like the first time you got drunk – every night. ‘Ich R U’ is another of the other great works to come off this album; touching on a sadness and emotion that highlights the maturity Ridha has gained with experience. The lack of reliance on teeth-rattling bass lines in this sense highlights the success of his journey to becoming a complete artist. The utilisation of rap vocals in ‘Circus Full of Clowns (feat. Gizzle)’ was also particularly notable, surprising initially before allowing the impeccable blend of synth and hip-hop influences to characterise the kind of track that makes many producers look like they just learnt how to make music. Other tracks to watch out for are ‘Reality’ and ‘Merlin’, and – if you’re into it – keep a cheeky eye on Snoop Dogg’s appearance in ‘Got It’. It doesn’t do the album true justice to just mention a few tracks, as each has an aspect that separates it from the rest and proves it to be of individual brilliance. The start-to-finish listen is essential.

That Ridha names Daft Punk as one of his most primary early influence, is a fact not lost with ‘Out of the Black’. In many ways, it replicates the aspects of those DJ megastars, taking the original approach that has been cultivated across Boys Noize’s many musical endeavours. It touches on the emotions of listeners without ever losing the dance drive that formalises our attraction to the artist. This album is one of the most pure and unadulterated explorations of dance music that you are likely to hear, and is easily among the best albums of 2012. It will undoubtedly challenge ‘Oi Oi Oi’ as Ridha’s most notable and complex work, and ultimately highlights his position at the pinnacle of musical success.

Available as a Jewelbox CD in a matt finished silverpapered booklet. The 2LP version incl. the album CD and the Deluxe 3LP version incl. 2 Bonus tracks, a poster and the album CD. The digital iTunes version comes with a digital booklet. Now available in Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Australia release dates:
Vinyl 19.10.12 // CD & Digital 12.10.12

Boys Noize – ‘Out of the Black’ Album (Spotify)


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